How to make from $1OO per day setting up Facebook and Instagram ads from anywhere in the world
Tuesday 19:00; Maximum number of participants: 250
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4 Ways To Get Your First Client In 1 Week
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Guide: "4 Ways To Get Your First Client In 1 Week"
Access to a chatbot where the speaker shares his story and tips on how to reach an income from $100/day on web traffic
The most determined will get a real client with a $100-200 net profit
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4 Steps To Start
You will get a 4-step guide for getting started in a profession and making money from it
Setting Up An Ad Campaign
We will show you live how to set up an advertising campaign
First Client
5 ways to find your first client without investing
You will learn how to start your own business – a marketing agency or traffic studio
$100 Per Day
How to easily reach an income of $100 per day on web traffic with your skills
* For those who are already engaged in web traffic
You will understand how to scale and identify your points of growth
ATOM University
- 4,000+ graduates
- 10,000+ reviews on social media
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- International diploma
- Live meetings in Kyiv for 200+ people
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Founder of "Zuckerberg's Girlfriend" full-cycle marketing agency

More than 6 years in web traffic, marketing and 3 years as a founder of a marketing agency. Clients – Bolt, Uber, Symbol, IT companies and political candidates (NDA)

Received education in marketing at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School

Completed over 15 educational programs on web traffic and marketing

Manages over $1 million in advertising budgets

In 2020, he taught more than 200,000 people through free online masterclasses

Co-founder of Atom University
Vadim Korolenko
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Guide "4 Ways To Get Your First Client In 1 Week"
Access to a chatbot, where the speaker shares his story and tips on how to reach an income from $100/day on web traffic
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